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    Brazil sees Westland as ex. for its own hort.

    A delegation of 16 representatives from the Brazilian region of Holambra arrived last month in Westland for a horticulture trade mission.

    Alongside a visit to the World Horti Center, where a memorandum of understanding has been signed on student exchange, the delegation is also visiting various horticulture businesses in Westland and has met with Sjaak van der Tak (LTO Glaskracht) and Loek Hermans (Dutch Horticulture and Propagation Materials Top Sector).

    An increasing number of regions across the world are developing horticulture, including Holambra in Brazil, originally a colony founded by Dutch settlers. Many horticulture businesses from Westland, such as Sion Orchids, have branches in Holambra. Playing host to numerous greenhouses (some up to 15 hectares in size), it is the horticulture region in Brazil.

    The University of Jaguariuna, a city close to Holambra, created a faculty of horticulture (FAAGROH) a year ago. Horticulture firms and educational institutions want to work together at an international level to exchange knowledge on breeding, trade and marketing within the horticulture chain. The FAAGROH management board and the Veiling Holambra cooperative are therefore currently visiting Westland. Delegates aim to find out more about how businesses and organisations within Greenport work together.

    One purpose of the visit is the signing of a memorandum of understanding for multiannual cooperation between MBO Westland institute of secondary vocational education and FAAGROH.

    The two organisations will work together to provide Brazilian and Dutch students with international training in horticulture. For instance, internships will be provided for MBO Westland students in Holambra and vice versa for FAAGROH students in Westland. Lentiz | Course & Consult will also develop an educational programme for Brazilian students and management.

    André van Kruijssen, CEO of Veiling Holambra: “The working method in the Westland horticulture cluster is a perfect example for us. We at Veiling Holambra want to be the driving force for horticulture developments in our region and have a strong interest in exchanging knowledge with Dutch educational institutions. We work with the university faculty FAAGROH in our region of Holambra. In MBO Westland, which is located in the World Horti Center, we see a partner that will enable education and business to come together.”

    During the trade mission, FAAGROH also signed an agreement with Fytagoras Leiden on a ‘PlantarPuro’ (air purifying plant) project.

    Photo credit: enioprado via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
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